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Biomass Energy Projects

In close collaboration with AXIS Tech, our team is well-equipped to offer a wide range of equipment and effective solutions tailored to the needs of biomass energy projects. This partnership combines our strengths to ensure clients access a comprehensive selection of advanced biomass equipment and seamlessly integrated solutions. With a shared commitment to sustainability, our collaboration aims to provide practical and impactful contributions to renewable energy solutions.


Riga, Latvia

Equipment supply, installation, start-up and adjustment of 15 MW biomass water heating boiler with SAX18 furnace and an electrostatic precipitator.


Lomza, Poland

3.2 MWe biomass CHP: supply of fuel handling system, PKS-15 furnace, 17.0 t/h steam boiler, flue gas condensing economizer and ash removal systems. Equipment start-up/adjustment works.


Daugpils, Latvia

Construction and supervision works for the new biomass boiler house with a total capacity of 36 MW (4 x 7.5 boilers) with additional condensing economizer (2 x 3 MW).


Suwalki, Poland

Construction of 30 MW biomass boiler house by installing 2 x 12.5 MW biomass water heating boilers with 5 MW flue gas condensing economizer.

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