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Energy ON bases its activities on the Sustainability Policy, which is closely related to the United Nations' sustainable development goals and tasks. The purpose of this Sustainability Policy is public welfare, based on sustainable governance, personal development and human and environmental protection. Based on the Sustainability Policy and the values of our company, we undertake to systematically reduce the negative impact on people and the environment, looking for effective solutions, products that promote an ecological environment, and long-term partnerships. This approach aims to ensure universal access to affordable, reliable and modern energy services.


Our Sustainability Policy includes the requirements of quality, environmental protection and employee safety and health standards (LST EN ISO 9001; LST EN ISO 14001; LST ISO 45001) and strategically integrates social, environmental and economic goals into our activities. The integrated management system program implemented in the company ensures the effectiveness of the organization, reduces the impact of the developed activities on people and the environment, and applies safe work methods.


The defined process policy ensures the implementation of sustainability factors, and the valid code of ethics fosters professional competence and appropriate and effective relations between the Company's employees, respectful relations with customers, partners and their representatives.


Energy ON is committed to a sustainable energy future and efficient biomass boiler operation. Using our knowledge and the latest technological solutions, we enable renewable sources to provide energy to cities and businesses. We develop environmentally friendly technologies and carry out their integration into society. We believe that by reducing NOx and CO2 emissions, we are less likely to get sick or die from the effects of air pollution and reduce our ecological footprint. We also guarantee that Energy ON solutions will meet the strictest environmental protection parameters.


We strive for transparency and openness both internally and externally, including financial transparency. We are audited annually by the independent international audit company UAB Ernst & Young Baltic. We support the development of a peaceful and tolerant society, we do not tolerate all forms of corruption and any manifestations of bribery. Energy ON works in a competitive environment, but does not tolerate, support and oppose any unfair, unfair and unauthorized competition, and the company itself undertakes to compete fairly, following the principle of transparency (according to the World Trade Organization), principles of business ethics and compliance with applicable laws in cooperation with interested parties.


Quality is an integral part of Energy ON in project activities. We actively cooperate with scientific and educational institutions and research centers. At all stages of projects, including customer needs and understanding, design and equipment supply, installation and warranty service, quality control is carried out based on global standards and in compliance with other relevant regulatory provisions. In order to ensure proper quality control in every company process, the company provides opportunities for employees to be involved in process improvement and maintenance, to learn the necessary skills, including technical and professional skills, and occupational health and safety education.


We promote technology-oriented policies that support productive activities. This allows our partners to ensure the creation of appropriate jobs, entrepreneurship, creativity, and for us, the appropriate implementation of innovative projects. We advocate and support the secondary use of raw materials and the proper disposal of waste. We aim for higher economic productivity by diversifying and improving existing energy technologies internationally.


We create a values-based organizational culture that advocates for full equality. We do not discriminate people based on gender and ensure equal opportunities for leadership in all aspects of political, economic and social life. The company ensures tolerance and sustainable principles of employment and partnership of people regardless of age, gender, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion, economic or other status recognized by society. We oppose destructive criticism and the spread of misleading information both internally and externally.


Energy ON commits and takes responsibility for its decisions and actions. The company is accountable for its impact on society, the economy and the environment. Through its decisions and actions, the company constantly encourages its partners and suppliers to apply sustainable work principles. The company is also accountable to its employees and is committed to ensuring adequate health protection, access to quality essential healthcare services in the event of accidents, responding to global epidemics and access to essential medicines and vaccines.

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